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What are single bets, combination bets and system bets?

As the name indicates, with a single bet you only bet on the outcome of one event. Normallly this type of bet is only available for top (Football) Leagues.
Typical single bets are outright bets like »Who wins the German Bundesliga?« or »Who will be the overall winner of the World Cup?«

All bets which allow you to select more than one event, are called combination or accumulator bets.
A system bet  constitutes a special variation of the accumulator bet. As a general rule, three selections or more have to be made on the betting slip. To make your selections, click on the »System« Button on the upper right-hand side of the betting slip.
Basically, individual combination bets are placed within one bet, and you decide for yourself which combination should be included in the combination/accumulator bet. Which system bets are available, depends on the number of bets (see below 3 »out of« 4).

In contrast to the combination bet you also win even if not all of your selections are correct. With the system bet 2/3  (»2 out of  3«), your  bet consists of all possible combinations of accumulator bets covering two matches, which means three different combinations of two combination pairs in the example shown below!

Sample Betting Slip:

You place the following bet:

As outlined above, these are three win double combinations with two fixtures each. So the total stake of this bet amounts to 9.00 euro (3 x 3.00 euro), whereby the total stake is deducted 0,43 € fee, therefore the real stake is only 8,57 €!. For you to understand how the bet works, the three individual bets of this system bet are explained in the following: 

System bet 2/3 (2 out of 3) = three bets

1. win combination bet
2. win combination bet 3. win combination bet






Accordingly, a system bet 3/4 (»3 out of  4«) does consist of  four combination bets with three betting combinations each. Otherwise you would have to place four individual triple combination bets to achieve the same result.

The more matches that have been selected, the more possible combinations you have available. The number of bets is always shown on the betting slip. Give it a try on your own betting slip!