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What does »You have reached your betting slip limit« mean?

Did you want to submit a bet after making your selections, and this message comes up? There may several reasons. For example, the following limits apply:

  • stake limit/customer

  • stake limit/odds

  • payout limit or win limit /betting slip

  • payout limit or win limit /customer.

Essentially the bookmaker applies various additional limits, not least to protect customers from the dangers of gambling addiction. More information on this topic can be found under Responsible gaming.

These limits can vary. Similar to the stock exchange, not only do the odds depend on supply and demand of a selection and its possible combinations, but also the limits are subject to certain fluctuations. This could mean that you as an individual customer have not necessarily exceeded a certain deposit limit, but that several customers have chosen exactly the same selections, so that the limit set by the bookmaker for covering certain liabilities, has been reached. 

Please note that limits can vary on short notice as long as the odds are being updated by the bookmaker. Normally you will be able to place the same bet again shortly afterwards, but most likely at different odds.