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Why is my PayPal payment rejected?

Regarding problems to deposit and withrawal by PayPal; it is important to note that we can only accept PayPal transactions from Germany, please therefore see below the possibilities for why your payments are being rejected:

  • Accessing website from an IP address outside of Germany/Austria 
  • Registered address with PayPal outside of Germany/Austria 
  • Registered credit card with PayPal has issuing country outside Germany/Austria  (please note Neteller cards for example have issuing bank as UK)
  • Registered payment method with PayPal has restrictions from the issuer against gambling transactions

Please also note that your PayPal account can only be linked to one account, if you have used PayPal on a different account before it cannot be used against any new/alternative accounts.

If all is in order with the above and you still experience problems, please contact us again with as much detail as possible (and where possible screenshots) and we will do our best to investigate further.