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1 How does in-play betting work? Featured

With in-play betting you bet on matches that have already started or will take place on the same day. The matches along with their respective odds will be displayed on the betting slip. There you can combine all available matches.

2 What is the difference between »available for in-play betting « and »in-play«?

» Available for in-play betting« means that in-play betting is offered for the event. »In-play« relates to a match that has already started.

3 What is a »Rest of the match« bet?

With a rest of the match bet or in-play LIVE bet 0-0 you can bet on home win (1*), draw (0*) or a win for the away team (2*). This means that only goals that are scored after the bet has been placed, will be accounted for the settling of the bet. So for you the match starts all over again with the score at 0-0 at the time the bet is placed. Example 1: At the time you place your bet, the score is 0-3,…